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A search for Timberwolves, their history, their comrades

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June 2004 Addendum   (PDF)

Previous Search Requests:

Ref. Alfred "Jack" Gardner: We would appreciate help in locating anyone who may have served with my husbandís grandfather, Alfred St. Claire "Jack" Gardner, Ripley, Ohio. He served in the 415th, but we donít know his company.
Our address is Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gardner, 1063 South Main Street Georgetown, OH 45121. Thanks, Traci Gardner e-mail christracigardner@hotmail.com

Ref. George M. Cowan:  I am interested in locating anyone who served with my father, George M. Cowan.  He was a major and physician.  My address is 1123 Litton Lane, McLean, Virginia 22101 and your help will be appreciated.  Thanks Mark D. Cowan e-mail MDC8516@aol.com

Ref. James Siford: James Siford, Sgt. HQ Co., 3rd Battalion, 413 Infantry.. I would like to find anyone who may have known my father and could share stories or news with me.. My dad never talked much about the war, only the humorist side. I would just like to learn a little more. I know he was in a fox hole in Germany when he received a telegram saying he had a son. That would have been me, Feb. 1945. Jim Siford, Jr, 4520 Willow View St. Hampstead, MD 21074  jsiford@aol.com

Ref. Bob Jennings: From Indiana (near Louisville, KY), ASTPer in Golden, Colorado, then assigned to 104th, 2nd Battalion, 415th Infantry regiment.  Wireman in Belgium and Germany; was at Nordhausen.   Bob was my dad.  He was a great guy - smart, kind, great sense of humor.  Really bad vision.  My son, who never got to meet him, is very much like him.  Dad wrote some war memories - heavily edited, I'm sure - for me before he died in '88. We would love to hear from anyone who knew him, knew of him, or shared any of his experiences.  Thanks very much.  - Laura Jennings   LJsmc@juno.com

Ref. Paul Shesniak: I am searching for any information or anyone who remembers my dad. He did some boxing while in the army and was with the 413th INF Co D.  He served in Northern France Rhineland.  Was awarded the Purple Heart and European-African-Middle Eastern Service Medal.  I believe his wound (shot off finger) may have occurred on Dec 22 1944.  He was listed as S SGT at discharge and lived in NY/PA area.  He passed away so many years ago, I would love to be able to learn more of his history. (spelling of last name could be Shenock, Chesnock or Cheslock)  Thanks!
Please contact me, Barbara at e-mail:  Whitekar54@yahool.com

Ref. Leonard Baker: I would appreciate any information concerning my father, Lt. Leonard E. Baker, who served with 415/F and was wounded 6 Dec. '44 in Leucherberg, Germany. Thanks, Major Terry Baker, US Army, Mainz-Kastel, Germany
E-mail: Terrence.Baker@cmtymail.104asg.army.mil 

Ref. Grant Denton: I am looking for information on Grant Denton who served in Company G 414th Infantry. He was wounded on the night of November 5, 1944. I am married to his grandson and Grant passed away before his grandson ever had the privilege of knowing him. Any stories would be greatly appreciated and he has a picture of all of his service buddies not sure when it was taken, but hoping that someone could tell me a little bit about him. Respectfully, Kim Robison e-mail: shelbyrobison@sbcglobal.net 

Ref. George Staffordwas: I wonder if anyone can tell me what part of the 414th my father George S. Staffordwas in? He was a Warrant Officer supplying ammo to the front. Thank you Marc S. Stafford, 64 Long St., S. Huntington, N.Y. 11746. e-mail

Ref. John Tirpak: I am looking for John Tirpak of the 104th (Timberwolf) Infantry Division. I am in possession of some of his belongings (bronze star medal citation, photographs, etc.) I would like to return these items to him or to a surviving spouse or to his children/grandchildren. I can be contacted at: Kathleen Hammerquist, P.O. Box 1691, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 or e-mail: k-hammer@juno.com 

Ref. James Snyder: James Roy Snyder is my uncle who was a forward observer in the 385th Field Artillery Battalion. He was wounded in action and died either on 02-November or 03-November 1944 in Holland. He was a First Lieutenant, and I have been told he refused to leave his observation post after being wounded and continued to report until he was overcome by his wounds.
I would like very much to hear from anyone who knew him. 
Tom Snyder, 12499 Kokomo Way, Victorville, CA 92392, (760) 947-6814
E-mail: Thomas.Snyder@ladwp.com 

Ref. Roy Nimmo: My father (Lt. Roy E. Nimmo) served with Company A, 413th Infantry of the 104th Infantry Division during WWII. He was killed in action on 6 Feb 1945. I was only 3 months old at the time and know very little about him. I would appreciate any information available. If anyone serving with him can be found, I would love to hear from them. Regards, James E. Nimmo 5730 Timbercreek Place Drive
Apt 624 Houston, Texas 77084. E-mail:  jnimmo@houston.rr.com 

Ref. Myron Moland: I am seeking help in finding someone who may have known my brother, Myron Richard (Dick) Moland.  He served only a few days in the 104th and for that reason I have not been successful in locating anyone who may remember serving with him.  He was assigned to the 104th on November 26, 1944, as a member of Company L, 413th Inf.  He was killed in action five days later (Dec 1, 1944) presumably in the battle for Inden.  He was drafted in March 1944, and was 19 yrs of age when he was killed. 
Thanks, Elwin (Ed) Moland, 509 SE Nome Drive, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34984 (772) 336-0097
e-mail: EMoland@aol.com

Ref. Louis Margul: My uncle Louis Margul was KIA on November 17, 1944 at Stolberg Germany {hill 281}. Does anyone have any information or photos etc. of my Uncle Louis? Does anyone have any information of his last few days of life?
Thanks, Stan Margul, 636 Hampshire Suite 102, Quincy, Illinois 62301 
Home (217)222-4137 0ffice (217)228-0101 Fax (217)222-7011 e-mail:  smargul@adams.net 

Ref. Maxwell Frank Boroff: I'm trying to get information on my father, Maxwell Frank Boroff. He was in the 104th Infantry Division 1942-1945?, I don't know his Company, all information was lost. Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm not quite sure where to begin. 
Very truly yours, Peter Boroff 21 Cypress Terrace Springfield, New Jersey 07081

Ref. Herschel Swiryn: I am the son of Herschel "Herb" Swiryn who served in the 414th Infantry, Company C. He was captured by the Germans on Nov. 26, 1944 near Aachen and interned in Stalag IV-B near Muhlberg until Apr. 24, 1945. Although he passed away in 1995, I am trying to collect as much information, stories, etc. about his activities during his service with the Timberwolf division. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him.Thank you and regards, Monty Swiryn, Timberwolf Pup, 351 La Cuesta Dr, Portala Valley, CA 94026 e-mail: monty@cuesta.com

Ref. Sgt. Howard Ashworth: My father was Sgt Howard Ashworth of Louisiana and served in 413th Infantry, Company H. He passed away in 1990. I would be most interested in hearing from any of his fellow soldiers who knew my father. Thanks, 
Dennis Ashworth, 20003 NE 179th CT Battle Ground, WA 98604 dennis@ashworth.org

 Ref. PFC. Donald W. Hoffman:   My brother PFC Donald W.Hoffman, served with the 104th Timberwolf Div.- 1942/1944. He was assigned to the the 413th Infantry Regiment, Company H as a machine gunner. He saw action in the Northern France campaign and the Rhineland campaign, being wounded somewhere in Germany 21 November 1944. He is now deceased and I am presently trying to put together a tribute to him, and would very much like to hear from anyone who knew him.
Thanks, Art Hoffman E-Mail: ahoffman@mtco.com 

Ref. PFC. John J. Walsh: I would like to add John J. Walsh Private First Class who died on November 3, 1944 in Belgium to your search to see if there are any Timberwolves who may have known him. John C. Walsh, 6 Westover Road, Troy, NY 12180. (518) 273-0306 e-mail JCWalsh044@aol.com 

Ref. Cpl. James S. Baumann: I would like information to hear for anyone who has known Cpl. Baumann , James S., 414th Infantry. He was born in Ohio.Died 6 April 1945 he is buried in Margraten Holland.
I have adopted his grave and I hope to get more information about him. thanks Bart Leenders, Margraten, Holland, e-mail Lecabara@cs.com 

Ref. John Lehti: Hello from Finland. I was looking for some information about John Lehti, who did belong to 104, got wounded and later become quite a famous cartoonist with his Bible cartoons. I wonder if you could help to find some of his comrades-in-arms who would tell me something about him during the war time. John Lehtiīs father was born in Finland, that is why I am intrested in him.
All the best, Ilpo Lagerstedt, Helsinki, Finland: Ilpo.Lagerstedt@welho.com

Ref. James Karagiozis: He served as a heavy mortar crewman(1607), with H Company, 414 Infantry Regiment. Any information or stories that anyone would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated. I will also include my mailing address. Gus Karagiozis, 22243 Rock Creek Circle, Strongsville, Ohio, 44149.  G15CK416@aol.com

Ref. Wilber "Bill" Johnson: He was my cousin & an ASTP student from Rutgers University assigned as a runner for a Company in your Division. He was shot through the chest in Inden, Germany  on or about December 1, 1944. The wound sent him to England then to a Kentucky Hospital, where he was discharged in April of 1945. Any information you can fill in beyond that would be appreciated. He was from Marshfield,Wisconsin.
Thanks John R. Andersen, 11618 40th Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI. 54729, e-mail: Anderjo@aol.com

Ref. William J. Gower: I am trying to obtain information about the service and death of my uncle, PVT William J. Gower, assigned to the 414th Infantry Regiment.  Anyone who may have served with him or anyone with any information about my uncle please contact CPT Jeff Gower, 860 Melody Lane, Lebanon, PA 17046
Thank you for your help. e-mail: .jeffrey.gower@pa.ngb.army.mil or gower7@msn.com

Ref. Irving Lorin Riveland: It is my hope that you may be able to shed some light on how to locate information on our father's tour in the Army.  I know that he was married just before being drafted and that he was a member of the Timberwolves Division.  Dad came from New Effington, S. Dak. and was born Jan. 21, 1913 and he passed away March 28, 1980.  We heard little as children about his time in the war so what we have come to know at best is very unclear.  Any help in locating information would be greatly appreciated.
Lynn C. Riveland, 702 S. 6th St., Breckenridge, Mn. 56520  e-mail address is rai@rrt.net

Ref. George Crozier: My father, George W. Crozier, who passed away almost 26 years ago, was a TEC 5 Corporal in the 104th Division - something I was able to deduce from patches on his dress uniform, which I have kept over the years.  I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who knew and served with him, or who can help me find more specific information, so I can learn more about what he went through during the war. 
Many thanks, Lynn Crozier, 75-24 Bell Blvd - Apt 5F, Bayside, NY 11364, (718) 217-9037  Email: lynn_crozier@hotmail.com

Ref. Pfc Everet E. Autrey: My grandfather, Everet E. Autrey, served in Company L, 413th Infantry & I am looking for anyone who may have known and served with him. Especially concerning Alton M. Bishop and Ardell J. Brennan. I believe that these two fellow PFC's served in Company L also and are the men that  I am named after. I would like any information concerning any of these fellow Timberwolves. My grandfather is still alive and would appreciate any information we could receive. Respectfully, Alton Ardell Autrey Jr. e-mail:   aautrey@cia-g.com

Ref. Lt. Smith: I have always wondered what happened to Lt. Smith of Salem whom I met as a 13 year old late April 1945 in Ammendorf bei Halle/Saale near Leipzig, Germany.  The patch on his arm showed a Timberwolf.  I still can see his rimless, goldplated glassframe.  His unit was billeted in the former German Youth center.  After 2 month he left, the Soviets occupied us.  I learned my first spoken English from him.  He was a kind man.  I wonder what happened to him...
Johannes Hensel, 7775 Fairway Woods Drive Sarasota, FL 34238
Day phone: 941-927 6268 Evening phone: 941-927 6268 E-mail: cajohen@gte.net

Ref. Russell Thoe: My father Russell Thoe served with the 329th Engineer Bn and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known him or knows the company he served with.
Thanks, Charles Thoe, PO Box 574, Texico, NM 88135     e-mail: charles1@yucca.net

Ref. 329th Engineer Combat Battalion: I would like hear from any soldiers who served in this unit.  The 329th lineage still continues as a Army Reserve unit, converted and redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 3D Brigade (CS) 104th Division (see our web site under history at http://www.usarc.army.mil/104thdivit/3bde/index.html ).  As an active duty Master Sergeant, I would welcome any contact with our WWII soldiers.  If anyone could loan 329th photos or memorabilia for display at our Headquarters, please contact MSG John Giesen at 1-800 517-8379 ext. 4239
or 3D BDE (CS) 104th Div, ATTN:  MSG Giesen, 989 McClellan Road, Vancouver, WA   98661. or
e-mail:  John.Giesen@usarc-emh2.army.mil

Ref. Henry G. Manson, Jr: I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Henry G. Manson Jr., who served with the 104th during World War II. I believe his final rank was Tech Sgt.
Jeremy Manson, 1403 Bristol Drive, Killeen, TX 76542. E-mail:  jmdallasfan@yahoo.com

Ref. Frank Mauldin:Any info on S/Sgt Frank Mauldin (415/I) would be appreciated.
From his daughter, Linda Nicholson & her husband Donald, 8300 Curran Blvd, New Orleans, LA. 70126, Phone (504) 242-8055 E-mail:Longtrips0@aol.com

Ref. Boyd Henry: I am trying to locate someone who knew my father, Boyd V Henry, Battery C, 386th Field Artillery Battalion. He passed away in 1957. Thanks, Dennis Henry, 8600 S Western Perkins, OK 74059, phone 405-377-2382

Ref. Sgt. Shade: Looking for Sergeant Shade (413/H), last saw him at Bushnell VA Hospital in Brigham City Utah. Lost his arm in the War.
Contact  Anselmo R. Ponce, e-mail: mponce1948@aol.com

Ref. Pvt. Tillson: Looking for Pvt Tillson (sp?) (413/H) originally from Texas, last seen before I got hit in Duren, Germany.
Contact  Anselmo R. Ponce, e-mail: mponce1948@aol.com

Ref. William L. Davidson: My great-uncle was Lt. William L. Davidson, of the HeadquartersCo, 1st Battalion, 415th Infantry. He was killed in Germany 6 Dec 1944. I would like to hear from anyone that may have known him, or the circumstances of his death.
Thank you. Paul Weaver, 113 Garden Gate Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919-932-7458 pweaver@nc.rr.com

Ref. Melvin I. Goldman: Melvin "Goldie" Goldman, 415/K, was WIA Feb. 24, '45 at Ellen, Germany & died in the hospital shortly thereafter. I have several pictures taken the month before, if any of his family are interested.
Ken Jorgenson, 8322 66th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

Ref. Paul A. Hewel: My late father, Paul A. Hewel was in the 104th. I know he was discharged as a Corporal, but I believe he spent most of his time as a PFC. He was part of a 60 mm mortar crew.
From Peter Hewel E-mail: hewel@citlink.net

Ref. James W. Weigel: Any info on James W. Weigel would be appreciated.
From L. Weigel E-mail: louizyb@aol.com

Ref.Howard Franklin Rice: I'm looking for info in which unit my father served with in WW2. He was born in Archbold Ohio. I know that he was stationed in Texas (Probably Ft Bliss) prior to going to Europe. He has an Army Air Corp patch on the left shoulder and a Timberwolf patch on the right.
From Gerald L. Rice E-mail:grice-ct@chouteautel.com

Ref. Louis F. Seekins: How can I find out if my Grandpa was in the 104th?   I believe he was since when I was little he told me about being in the Timberwolves and going from France to Germany.  I assume he was in the 329th Medical Battalion since he was a medic. (he was about 5'3" and 100 lbs).
From Bryan Seekins E-Mail: Bryan_Seekins@zethos.com

Ref. Oscar McKinley: My father was Capt. Oscar McKinley, 385th Field Artillery. He as a battalion surgeon while the division was in Europe. I would really appreciate if anyone who knew him would contact me.
From: Mark McKinley   E-mail:mark@mckinleycpa.com

Ref. Sgt.Lemieux: The whereabouts of Master Sergeant Lemieux of the 385th FA? I lost track right after Demob.
From Dick Haskin   aeromaritime@comcast.net

Ref.  James Dana Allen: Sergeant, HQ Btry, 385th FA Battalion, LNO party to 413th Inf Regt.  I am looking for anyone who knew and served with my father, James Dana Allen.  He was a member of an LNO party from the 385th FA Battalion to the 413th Inf. Regt.  He entered service from Georgia.  He passed away in 1977 but had told my brothers and me many stories from his service with the Timberwolves.  We plan to attend at least one day during the reunion in Atlanta in hopes of meeting some of his comrades-in-arms. 
My mailing address is 102 Devenhollow Drive, Greer, SC 29650, Phone: 864-288-8175, E-mail: terryallen@home.com
Thank you and may God bless you all, truly the "Greatest Generation".  Terry D. Allen

Ref. Thomas J. Crowe: Who was in the 413th. We spent a lot of hospital time together at O'Reilly General Hospital. If anyone knows him, pass the word. I'm in Texas now.
James F. Reineck reineck@itexas.net

Ref. August Robert Killip: I'm wondering if anyone has memory of my grandfather, Sgt. August Robert Killip, from Denver, Colorado. He died before I was born. My grandpa was a "Timberwolf." I have his "Timberwolf" shoulder patch.
Wade Mathews   wade@tcem.org

Ref. Homer G. Stephenson: Who joined Company E 413th at Aachen, returned to the States and was discharged from San Louis Obispo. He was from Detroit, Mich.(Hatraimck) Had a daughter about 5 years old at that time. Was a good baseball player and a great BAR man.
S/Sgt Lou Hamman hlhamm@aol.com

Ref. Sgt. Warner: I am looking for anyone who might know of Sgt. Warner.  He was my platoon leader.  I was in the 413th Inf. Co. B, 2nd Platoon. He lived in Kankakee, Illinois.  If my memory serves me right, I think his first name was Kenneth. Thanks.
William McIntosh, 3924 County Rd. 82 Woodhull, NY 14898 
or email wm71745@infoblvd.net

Ref. Alford Underwood: Looking for More info on my uncle.Alford Underwood, 414inf regiment, 104 Div. KIA Belgium, Dec.13,1944. Buried at Henri-Chapelle cemetary.Anyone that may have known him please contact me.Thanks...
Dennis Underwood,  Margate,Fla  e-mail duderw2@hotmail.com    11/26/00

Ref. Lester A. Bush: Looking for anyone who may have served with my cousin, Lester A. Bush, PFC
413 Inf. 104th Inf. Division. He was KIA February 24, 1945. I do not know what Company he was asigned to, unfortunately. Lester was born in Pemberton, NJ
Thank you. Doug Lynch, 41 New Lisbon Rd., Pemberton, NJ 08068   mailto:bdcl01@comcast.net      6/18/09

Ref. Marion J. Smith: I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew my father Marion J. Smith. He would have belonged to a Company I think, since he was Rifleman. We went to a 104th Reunion together in the late 50's in L.A.
Tom Smith. E-mail: IndiaCoGrunt@aol.com    8/10/00

Ref. Stanley Kroll: I am looking for someone who served with my uncle, S/Sgt Stanley A. Kroll, 414th regiment, Missing in Action, October or November, 1944.
J. Dennis Kroll, Harrisonburg, VA  jodekl@aol.com    8/10/00

Ref. Shirley Magee: My uncle S/Sgt Shirley Magee served with the 104th in WWII. He passed away at an early age but was always my hero and I would love to talk with anyone who remembers him. He was a small town lawyer from Monticello, Mississippi.
Oscar Temple, 3160 Cafeto Drive, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598   BigOTemple@aol.com     8/10/00

Ref. 555th AAA Bn: Trying to locate men that served with the 555th AAA when attached to the 104th Inf.Div.
Thanks,  Larry Couvillion, Chalmette, LA  lcouvillion@iopener.net    7/19/00

Ref. Franklin H. Miller: My grandfather, Fanklin H. Miller, was in the 104th infantry 413th regiment company G . If anyone remembers my grandfather please email me for my grandfather passed away 02-06-00, and I did not know much about his army service. Thank you all for your service to our country.
Jason Moore, Hagerstown, MD   Davemoore01@msn.com     6/25/00

Ref. Parker Farrington: I am seeking any information on a relative, PFC Parker Farrington, 415th Inf., KIA 2/23/45. 
Thanks, Tom Farrington, 1075 Glenway Dr, El Cajon, CA 92020   tomfarrington@home.com     6/24/00

Ref. Daniel W. Zimmerman: My father in law was a member of the 104th inf and was captured during the battle of the Bulge.  We are looking for any information on the camp he may have been held in and any one that might have known him. He passed away about 10 years ago . Any information would be helpful. He lived in Pa prior to his enlistment. Thank You.
Robert Keck, Jr. Pappak71@aol.com    6/03/00

Ref. Ned Howell: I am interested in knowing what company of the 415th Ned Howell served with. He passed away several years ago.
Thanks, George Cratty (415/F) E-mail: geocratty@erols.com     3/25/00

Ref. Bob Shaw: Can any one bring me up to date on TW Bob Shaw. I didn't meet Bob until 1972 when the football team I worked for, the NFL Buffalo Bills, hired Bob as our Receivers Coach. Also, if anyone remembers Max Margulis.
Thanks, Bob Lustig (414/I) 1064 Manor Lake Dr, Naples, FL 33942  BCMT3422@aol.com     3/25/00

Ref. Charles Hake: Would appreciate hearing from any veterans of Battrey A, 386th Field Artillery.
Thanks, Charles Hake (386/A FA), 498 S. Front St, Wrightsville, PA 17368. E-mail: t2hake@gte.net     3/25/00

Ref. Harrison Parcell: I am looking for any information regarding Harrison Parcell (414/ Service Co). Thanks,
Addison Austin (414/Serv), 428 So 29th St, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. E-mail: BOBYHUNTED@cs.com     3/25/00

Ref. Dick Mason: Served from Camp Carson as a former ASTPer out of NYU all the way to Camp San Luis Obisbo in the 329th Eng., Co. C. I was discharged as a Staff Sgt. on 12/10/45. Does anyone have information about Dick Mason, from McIntyre, GA, who was in my platoon and was injured during the Erft Canal crossing between the Roer and Cologne. He never returned to our outfit.
Dick Rigler, 15 Eagle Claw Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC, 29926. E-mail:  Drigle@aol.com     03-16-00

Ref. Leland H. Palmer: My grandfather, Lt. Col. Leland H. Palmer, was in the 104th, 329th Medical Battalion. I know that he helped liberate Nordhausen. Unfortunately he passed away in 1995 and I was never able to discuss his war experiences
with him. I am interested in any information anyone can give me regarding this.
Anne Palmer  Apalmer@cmcvax.mckenna.edu

Ref. Jewel Clovis Hendrix: I am Sergeant First Class Jayme Johnson and I am currently assigned to the 82D Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I appreciate any assistance you can give, regarding my grandfather, Jewel Clovis Hendrix. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.
E-mail:  Johnsonjme@aol.com     01-20-00

Ref. Wayne Moss Smith: I will appreciate hearing from anyone who can provide any information regarding my aunt's brother, PFC. Wayne Moss Smith who died in Germany in 1944. He was in Co.G 413th INF 104th Div. I myself did not know him, however I have a lot a respect for him. As I am a Gulf vet and lost a friend while I was there that was the same age as my uncle twenty two. If anyone can assist me in anyway please drop me a line.
Thank you very much, William Moss Sgt. USMC 2nd MARDIV IIMEF., 7717 Willow Point Dr., Falls Church, Va. 22042
E-mail: wmossf105@hotmail.com      01-01-00

Ref. Harold William Anderson: I am interested in contacting anyone who served with me in the 413th Infantry, Company K.
Harold Anderson, 16 Blaketown PL, Palm Coast, FL 32137. I can be reached through my daughter's e-mail address: sanderson@cityofdesmoines.com     12-29-99

Ref. Ernest K. Pennington: My father was in Company L, 413th Infantry and I would love to hear from anyone who may have served with him or knew him when he was a P.O.W. Please e-mail me if you have any information or know any surviving members of his unit. His name was Ernest K. Pennington and we would greatly appreciate anyone who could bring us closer to him as he passed away shortly after I retired from the Navy myself. Thank you for the time and your website is wonderful.
Robert K. Pennington, 304 Poplar St, Mount Carmel, TN 37645  lakacy@intermediatn.net      12-08-99

Ref. Alduin Falcioni: My father, served in the 414th infantry, Co. A, as a sargeant, during WWII. If anyone knew him, I would appreciate any remembrances so that my children can get to know what kind of man their grandfather was. He died in 1996 after suffering from alzheimers. Thanks,
Donna Falcioni, e-mail: dbarr9@juno.com     12-08-99

Ref. Robert C. Parker: My father, a Timberwolf, would like to know the whereabouts of Staff Sergeant Robert C. Parker, a member of the 104th Division Band. My father's name is: Arthur C. Bender, P.O. Box S3083, Carmel, CA 93921
My name is: John Bender, 2220 Belsera Drive, Oakdale, CA 95361 e-mail:  acmedraft@e-mail.msn.com      11-25-99

Ref. Robert F. Wochner: I am the daughter of Robert F. Wochner, of Falls City, Nebraska, who served in the 104th Division (414/Cannon Co).  I just realized how little I do know. He didn't talk much about it -- many don't. I have a copy of Timberwolf Tracks that was his, and I remember the Timberwolf patch and the combat infantryman's badge always being on his uniform (he retired from the Army), but I really don't know the details of his World War II service. That is what I was hopeing to discover. I have very little else that was his. He died almost 30 years ago, and I really wasn't all that interested at the time. Now, of course, I regret not knowing. I would like to contact anyone who knew him.
Kay Witt, 6214 Abilene St, Springfield, VA 22150. E-mail  KayWitt@aol.com     11-23-99

Ref. Sherman J. Olts: I am the daughter of Sherman J. Olts who served in the 104th Signal Company of the Timberwolves Division. My father passed away 18 years ago and unfortunately was never really able to share any of his experiences in the war with his family. Just recently my sister and I have been attempting to piece together this time period from his life. I am very interested in attempting to contact anyone who may have served with my father and might remember him. Could you possibly assist me in this endeavor? I would very much appreciate any assistance you might be able to give me. Thank you for your attention.
Karen Mowrey, 22785 SW Miami Drive, Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 691-1257 E-mail: mdsmowrey@aol.com     11-14-99

Ref. Edwin R. Thomas: My late father, Edwin R Thomas served with the 104th in the 329th Eng. I believe Co. B. He died when I was in my 20's and before my children were born. I would like to be able to tell them something about his time in the service and would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers him. I can be written at 17 Lizzanne Ln. Landenberg, PA. 19350 Thank you.
Edwin R. Thomas Jr. ethomas@newark.de.us    10-21-99

Ref. Joseph Wannamaker: I would like information on anyone who knew a Joseph Wannamaker, 104th Timberwolves. Joe is my wife's grandfather and unfortunately he has Alzheimer's and is unable to really tell us anything about the past as we wish he could. All we know is that he obtained the purple heart and bronze star.  We are extremely interested in finding out if anyone remembers him. He was a short (5'2" muscular and mean) boxer type who was military through and through even after his retirement of 30 years. Thank you in advance from our family.
Ken and Cindy Falk, Colorado, Springs, CO  e-mail corona45@juno.com

Ref. Elton "Pete" Boehm: Interested in contacting anyone out there who knew my father. He was
Elton "Pete" Boehm of Waverly, New York. He was a member of the 329th Eng. I think Co. B. Your help will be greatly appreciated! 
Bruce Boehm  Kboehm4498@aol.com

Ref. Marvin Dale Carlton: If you could possibly point me in the right direction for finding out more
information about my grandfather, Marvin Dale Carlton, (he went by the name Dale and served with the Timberwolves in Belgium [the Battle of the Bulge], Germany, and was injured and treated in England) I would be extremely
grateful. Unfortunately, he died when I was only 11 and I have only now come to understand and appreciate his varied past. Best wishes!
Julie Yount Morgan  MORGAN@netcomuk.co.uk

Ref. Lawrence Otto Haack: My grandfather (Lawrence Otto Haack) has recently passed on. We found some of his old army things which said 104th Timberwolves on it. I am very interested in finding out a lot more about where he served and was stationed.If you would please e-mail me and tell me ANYTHING I would gladly appreciate it.
Aaron Haack: StrngrTnAl@aol.com

Ref. William H. McManus: My Father was a Second Lieutanant with the 104th Infantry Division Company H 415 Infantry. I was just looking for facts. Second Lieutanant William H. Mc Manus.
Judith McManus  spock@tir.com

Ref. William Conley Wright: We would like to hear from anyone who served with William Conley Wright in E Company (415th Inf Regt), and have memories they would like to share with his daughter Reba and her family.
Thanks, Tom & Reba Smith    Rebawsmith@carolina.rr.com

Ref. Charles Cacciola: My dad, TW Jules Politowski (415/G), asked me to ask you and all the other Timberwolves if any of you remember or know someone named "Charles Cacciola".... he last lived in Boston on Bellerich St.....he knew my dad by the nickname of "Joe"....if anyone knows of his whereabouts....my dad would really appreciate it, as would I....Thanks....
Kathy Karpinski (Timberpup) e-mail: BRUNOSTAR@aol.com

Ref. Norman B. Hooker: Our brother, Norman Bryan Hooker "Buddy" is a fallen comrade of the 104th on 18 April 1945, Halle, Germany. Need help contacting those who might know about his death. He is buried in Margraten, Holland. Would like more info about unit, publications, video, etc.
Call collect 901-754-7677 Joe and J Jane Hooker  E-mail: hooker.jane@coe.memphis.edu

Ref. Walter Walko: I am looking for any information about a good friend of mine. He served during WWII with the 104th Infantry Division. I believe he was awarded the Purple Heart. His name? Walter Walko. Any information about this great American war Hero would be appreciated. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.
Mick Benitez, R.N., 508 Fairway Blvd. Willowick, OHIO 44095    ickcey@aol.com

Ref. Everett McCreight: My dad, Everett McCreight, was a member of the 413th HQ Company Defense Platoon, organized shortly after the division landed in France.(His "parent" company was "B"). He was in the ASTP program at NYU-Washington Square Campus before it was disbanded. Dad plans on attending the September reunion for the first time; I'm hoping to put him in touch with anyone who knew him either in B Company or the HQ Company Defense Platoon.
Katherine McCreight Schaible  kschaibl@mail.win.org

Ref. Leroy "Tex" Thomas: 104th Infantry Division, 413th Regiment, Co. B, hometown-Thornton, Texas. Trained at Camp Adair, Oregon. Was with the outfit when it was deactivated at San Louis Obispo, California, in 1945. He obtained a battle field commission of 2nd Lieutenant close to the end of WWII. He possibly remained in the service and served in the Korean War with another outfit after the deactivation of the 104th. My father, William Garnett Short, 104th, 413/B, was a friend of his and served with him during WWII. He would like any information on Mr. Thomas. Please send to e-mail address:
Carol Short Dollins  tcccdollins@snapp.net

Ref. Walter Frank Kirk: My father was 1st Sgt Walter Frank Kirk, who was in the HQ Battery 386th Field Artillery Battalion and KIA 2/25/45. He'd been a member of this organization since 12/42. I'd like to know about my Dad as I was only 3 when he was killed. I also have some pictures that I could share. It was so strange to see his name listed and also see the picture of the division that I also have a copy of. Would love to learn more.
Nancy Kirk Thaut, Summer, WA  E-mail: nancyt@foxinternet.com   

Ref. Ronald Greco: I've been thinking and looking for a buddy of mine for many years.Perhaps someone knows what happened to Cpl.Roland Greco,anti-tank co.,414th infantry. The last I heard from him,he was living on Jarvis Avenue,in the Bronx,in the late 1940's.Perhaps someone in the division knows his whereabouts.
Thanks. Sincerely, Lester "Joe" Mintz (415/AT) 3014 Lakewood Ln, Hollywood, FL 33021   Estm@aol.com

Ref. Frank William Banks: My brother, Frank William Banks, was a member of the Timberwolf Division. Billy was originally from Burwell, Nebraska, and was a Master Sergeant. After the war ended, he made the Army his career. He tragically contracted polio and died at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver on 27 Aug. 1950, leaving his wife and three wonderful children. If you can provide any information about Billy or direct me to other sources, I would greatly appreciate it. Your website is very informative -- very well done. I hope to hear from you.
Peggy Banks Fairbairn, 1417 Lynden Circle, Fremont, NE 68025  fairbai@ibm.net

Ref. Marvin Lowrance: My uncle was a Timberwolf. He completed his basic training in Oregon and arrived in France shortly after D-Day. He was in combat and spent time in Belgium and Cologne Germany. This is all that I know about his Army service. I do not know his regiment, battalion, company etc., or any of the battles in which he might have fought. Any additional information you could give or any other information resources you could suggest would be appreciated (he may have gone by Bill) Home: Watauga County, North Carolina. He was from the Valle Crucis community near the town of Boone in the N.C. mountains. Thank you for your time. Jeff Lowrance  jclowran@email.uncc.edu

Ref. Willard Cleveland Sample: My father passed away last August. I have been looking for some of the men in his unit. He was with Co. K, 415th, 104 Inf. Div. He joined the unit as a replacement just as the Battle of the Bulge was winding down. He was with them until the end and was released in California when Japan surrendered. He was a SSgt. and was called "Bill" or "Curly". His group were well known for tying colorful womens scarfs around their necks. If anyone was in his unit and remembers him please contact me. Jeris Sample, 18450 S. 4210 Rd. Claremore, OK, 74017."
e-mail  jeris.sample@swt02.swt.usace.army.mil

Ref. Frank Lisbona, Jr.: I am looking for current address for Frank Lisbona, Jr. His children are Linde, Margie, Joe D and Randy--he used to live in Chariton, Iowa but have lost touch with him and would like any news of him--
Bob Mahla 157 Willow Ave. Cortland, Oh. 44410 fmahla@aol.com

Ref. Robert Allen: I am seeking information on Robert Allen of Hibbing, Minnesota, who served with the 104th infantry during the years 1944-45. I am his son-in-law and he has been deceased now since 1974. We have his bronze star with V-device and his Purple Heart. we know he was involved in the liberation of Mittlebau/Dora and that his rank was that of T-Sgt but we know pitifully little else about how he came to be awarded his star and heart. I am a Vietnam vet married to his daughter and it would be great if we could find more history on the battles he was involved in and even nicer if we were able to find someone still alive who might have known him. 
Steve Eisenreich  e-mail:  seisenre@yahoo.com

Ref. H.B. McManus: I am trying to find information about my father who served in the Company G, 413th Infantry, 104th Division. His name: H. B. McManus (no name - just initials) - Occupational Specialty - Automatic Rifleman 746. My father was a wonderful man and I would love to know more about his days of WW II. He didn't talk of it much except to say it was "H---" to go through. Anything you can do to assist me in finding more information or possibly finding someone that served with him would be most appreciated.
Thank you for your time, Alice (McManus) Wilson   amwilson@apex.net

Ref. Chandler Clinton Guynn: My mother and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known my grandfather, Chandler Clinton Guynn, who served in Company F, 414th Infantry and was wounded on 15 April, 1945. He was severly wounded and not released from Ft Storey until '46. He was a very special person.
Thank you for your help! Kim Moxley herblady@aisva.net

Ref. Cecil P. King: I would like to post a "Timberwolf Search" for anyone who might have known my father, Cecil P. King, Tec 5 Cryptographic Technician with the 104th Signal Co. My father died many years ago without sharing any of his war experiences. Some of his buddies that he corresponded with after the war include: Geroge Groom, David Rankin, Judson Bridges, A. Ray Sharp, Leroy Kientz, Alden Rose, Leo Hoegh, and Alexander Barrett. I am very anxious to correspond with anyone who might remember my dad. I would be most grateful if anyone who knew my dad would contact me.
Thanks, George King (Cecil's son) kingfamily@coastalnet.com

Ref. Loren Eugene Atkinson: My father served in the 415th Infantry Regiment of the 104th. and was killed in action during the crossing of the Roer River. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known him.
Thanks, Lee W. Atkinson   outbreak@pcpartner.net

Ref. George Leutz: My step-grandfather was a mess Sergeant in the 104th. I've been unable to obtain much of his official service records, as they were destroyed in a fire. All I know for sure was that he had previously served with the 34th Infantry Division, spent some time with Patton's army, and later was transferred to the 104th. His name was George Leutz, and he was, I believe, head mess Sergeant (his rank at discharge was M/Sgt) for one of the 104th's regiments. Is there any Timberwolf out there who remembers Sergeant George Leutz (born Trieste, Italy 1911)? He told a great many stories about the battles in Holland, of being mercilessly shelled by 88s, and watching many friends die -even taking part in combat himself at times out of necessity. Anyone who could tell me anything about this late Timberwolf (died June 1978 in Escondido, CA aged 67) -well, I'd be grateful. Great site.
Gregory Maier    grmaier@mindspring.com

Ref. Herbert Laney: Would like information on Herbert Laney who was attached to my company. He also was a P.O.W. and he was from Alabama.
Thanks, Harry Hinkle, 362 W. Main St., Barnsville, Ohio 43713 (Co.A 415th)

Ref. Oscar Weimann: I'm looking for information, accounts, or recollections of my grandfather, Master Sgt. Oscar Weimann of the 415th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company L. I would appreciate any information. Thank You.
Beau Thedford e-mail: soldier490@yahoo.com

Ref. Manuel Vargas Perez: Looking for information on my father, Manuel Vargas Perez,  Medic, who passed away 12-30-98.
Thanks, Larry Perez, Huntington Beach, California e-mail perezl@ugsolutions.com

Ref. Charles E. Pearce: I'm trying to find a soldier who my have been a member of your Division. His name is Charles E. Pearce. I came across his name in a newspaper article about some photos that were found in an old suitcase in New Orleans. The suitcase contained photos of soldiers standing around equipment such as howitzers and trucks. The suitcase, also,
contained several photos of scenes of an apparent concentration camp similar to the photos on you webpage. One of the photos shows a group of soldiers around a howitzer, one of the soldiers looks exactly like me, or what I would have looked like at his apparent age. I'm only 62, so I know it's not me, I wasn't old enough for WWII. With the combination of the name Charles E. Pearce and the likeness in the photograph, I am very interested in finding if Charles was a member of your Division, and if so, do you know anything about him? I have been doing genealogy research on my family and he very likely could be a relatlive. I would appreciate any help you could give me on this matter.
Frank Pearce    fcpearce@softdisk.com

Ref. Ex-POWs: I am interested in acquiring the names and web address of any Timberwolve who was a P.O.W. I would like this info sent to me if possible. I in turn would get in touch with these members and hopefully at our next reunion in Denver we could get together and talk about those days as P.O.W.s . This all I have in mind and nothing else.
Thanks, Bob Dietz     Amyjodi@aol.com

Ref.Sanford (Sandy) Stuart Lavine: Any help you can provide me in the following matter will be most meaningful and deeply appreciated. My husband, Sanford (Sandy) Stuart Lavine, of Atlanta, Georgia, was in the ASTP program at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. In April 1944, he was transferred with the ASTP group to the 104th Infantry Division and was assigned to the "F" Company, 413th Infantry Regiment. Sandy was killed in action in Holland, the River Mark, on November 3, 1944. He was buried in the American Cemetery in Liege, Belgium. If any Timberwolf actually knew my husband or may have talked with him, I would be most grateful if they would contact me. I can be reached at the e-mail address of my friend, Bill Thomas (willthom98@yahoo.com). Thank you. Dorothy Lavine

Ref. Joe Morris: Iam seeking anyone who remembers my father pfc Joe Morris who served in the 104th 413th infantry company F. He campaigned in Rhineland and Central Europe.He died in 1974. any stories or pictures would be appreciated. Thanks rrobl@bellsouth.net

Ref. Alton F. Hanson: Bill Beatty, my dad, was in the 104th, 385th FA. He would love to hear from/about Mr. Alton F. Hanson, who was in his division and was from California.
Thanks, My dad's e-mail is wjbeatty@earthlink.net

Ref. Jerome J. Handman: pfc (414th Inf. Company G) - My Uncle Jerry was KIA on Nov 24, 1944 near Eschweiler. He was from Jersey City, NJ, shipped out and landed in Cherbourg in September 1944. My family would appreciate any contact from any of you who might have known or served with Jerry.
Please contact Ed Powers  Powersfnt@aol.com

Ref. Bernard Leer: I am looking for anyone with information on my father Bernard George Leer, WWII, 104th Vet. He told us some tales but would like to hear from anyone that knew dad. I have the book 'Timberwolf Tracks' published in 1946, I recommend it to others for more information on the104th.
Lloydian P. Leer Schlaht     schlaht@ibm.net

Ref. Dick Weaver: Appreciate information regarding whereabouts of Dick Weaver, Timberwolf, 104th Div., WWII. Entered service from Anniston, Alabama. Dick was a member of my squad, 329th Engineers, A Company. Any information should be directed to my attention, c/o the Timberwolf Association, Northeast Region, attention Art Lanides, Leominster, MA.
From: V P Pete Eriksen

Ref. Bill Luebke: My grandfather, Tech Sergeant William Robert Luebke of Norfolk, Nebraska, served in the 104th back in WWII, with G Co., 415th Regt.  He also graduated from the New York's Niagra University on February 7, 1944 from the Army Specialized Training Program.Unfortunately, he died back in 1977 when I was only 4. I am wondering if anyone viewing this excellent site remebers him or one of his friends, Austere Clayessents(spelling?). Please shoot me an Email if the names sound familiar. Thank you, 104th. As a Marine Officer today, your fighting spirit and intestinal fortitude in WWII are an inspiration to me as a Comm Platoon Commander.
Lt. Eric Luebke    luebke@gibralter.net

Ref. Jim DePriest: My Father, Jim DePriest, was very proud to be a member of the 104th Timberwolf Division. He is 78 and still talks about his time with the Timberwolfs frequently. He has three friends that he talks about alot and would love to find if they are still alive. Clarence Apt from Redoak, Iowa; Howard Chase from Holdridge, Nebraska and Simon Smith from Anita, Iowa. If anyone knows the where-abouts of these three men, please call me at - 319-385-8179
From: Jim DePriest, Jr

Ref. Melvin Brown: I am looking for anyone who might have served with Melvin Brown of Arlington Virginia. He was a Cpl or Sgt assigned to the 104 Infantry Division, 414th Infantry Regiment (K Company).
From: Roger Brown   matchbox@cox.com

Ref. Warren Moody: Am looking for more info on a former member of the unit for his grandaughter. He served from at least 1943 to the close of WWII. Came from New England (NH) Name: Warren Eugene Moody (is now deceased) any help would be appreciated. I'm retired USA, 27 yrs Special Forces, RVN etc.
From: Chuck Delano, Jr.   cwdltc@worldnet.att.net

Ref. Dick Ranney: I am looking for information about my brother, Richard W. Ranney who was KIA on 11/23/44. He was a member of your division (413/K). Who should I write? I am most interested in the nature of the action that caused his death. What were the circumstances of the firefight, etc. Thank you for your help!!
From: Don Ranney   derbwana@webtv.net

Ref. Milton Capp: I am trying to find information on any body knowing Milton Capp. CO B 413th Infantry. He was a good friend of Robert Mahoney who is a good friend and Mentor of mine. He has done a lot for me and I want to repay him before he is gone to at least put the thoughts of a good friend to my good friend to rest. If you have any information for me please contact me.
From: Mathew S. Smith   Multman001@aol.com

Ref. Ed Mooney: My father is Sgt.Ed Mooney who joined the Timberwovles as a replacement from the 2nd Armored Division on Nov. 6, 1944 in Belgium. He was with the 92nd Replacement Brigade. Assigned to the 413th Co. B on Nov. 14th. Had a small squad of men; Ballard, Ressin, Nelson, Boroff,Call, Carey, Hooks, Roseliz, Casner, Siegle, Meinella, Blinn. Was wounded by shrapnel outside near Inden on Nov. 28th ,1944. He is still alive and is trying to regain memories of those times
and events which he had tried to forget. Your site has been extremely useful, especially the war stories section. I would
appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him.
From: Ed Mooney, Jr   ejmooneyjr@attbi.com

Ref. Bob Mitchell: My Grandfather recently passed away and was a member of the 104th during WWII. If you knew or have information about Robert William Mitchell, from Montana (Shelby, Cut Bank, or Billings area) please drop me a line. Our family is looking for information about his life and service with the Timberwolves.
From: Feff Horton   shugenja@earthlink.ne

Ref. David Phillips: My uncle was PFC David A. Phillips of Co. C, 329th Engineers, who was killed by a mine Jan. 6, 1945. Would like to correspond with anyone who knew him and/or would like to read a history of the unit. Thanks to all of you WWII vets for all that you did!
From: Doug Peters   dwpeters@ucdavis.edu

Ref. Laurance Pierson: My great-uncle was Laurance Pierson, Co. L 414th Inf. He was ASTPer from NYU and was killed in action Nov. 15/16, 1944 at Hill #287 outside of Stolberg. The only real information I have about his experiences are from official histories. Did anyone know him? I would very much like to hear from you if you did. Thank you.
From: Rob Simmons   robsim29@mail.idt.net

Ref. Joe Sullivan: My late father was Joseph Merle Sullivan of H.Q. Co. 2nd Battalion 414th Inf. REGIMENT. I would very much like to hear from anyone who knew him or shared any wartime experiences with him. He died before my children were born and we're anxious to understand a part of his life that we couldn't share with him. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
From: Paul Sullivan   Hebner20@aol.com

Ref. Joe Luckett: My father was Sgt. in 415th Regiment, 1st Battalion. Did anyone know him at that time?
From: Joseph W. Luckett   jd6j-lckt@asahi-net.or.jp

Ref. Bob Greenawalt: I am trying to find my old army buddy Robert Greenawalt.
From: Lloyd Thomas Hosier   srainey@shore.intercom.net

Ref. Halle, Germany: I need information about your time in Halle in April 1945. Please help in providing photos or your personal memories. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
From: M. J.Maurer, Marsstr.11, D-06118 Halle, Germany

Ref. Boots Sims: I am searching for anyone who would have known my grandfather- he served in the 104th but I do not know any details of his particular unit. His name was Rosemond Lionel "Boots" Sims, from Louisiana. I do know that he was wounded and that he was at Nordhausen. Anyone know him? Any information would be helpful.
From: Todd Drury   btdmd@aol.com

Ref. Dan Brodnick: My father was in the 104th. Infantry, the 415 Battalion, Company L. If anyone has any information of surviving members of this WWII unit, please e-mail me. Thank you.
From: Dan Brodnick  brodnick@erinet.com

Ref. Alan Rosenbaum: An Alan (maybe Allen or Allan) Rosenbaum was the Lt. in charge of the radio section, 104th Signal Company and I was curious to know if there is any record of him and if alive where he might live. Thank you very much.
Marvin Simonson  e-mail: siandmamie@adelphia.net

Ref. Joe Hubbell: I'm looking for information on my late brother, Sgt. Joe Hubbell, who was, I believe, in Co.M, 413th Inf. Thanks,
John T. Hubbell e-mail:jhubbell@kent.edu

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