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Life In The Army
By Charles H. Norris
Antitank Company, 415th Infantry 

Life in the Army is based on a collection of more than 259 letters Timberwolf Charles Norris wrote to his girlfriend during his time in Army in World War II. In the first part of his book, Charles used these letters to tell the story of his military service. The latter part of the book records the history of the 415th Infantry Regiment and his later experiences during the Korean War.

525 pages & 40 pictures,  in both softbound & hardbound

Order from:
Xlibris Corporation
436 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
order online at Barnes and Noble, Borders or Amazon or at their bookstores.

The Letters of a Combat Rifleman
By Charles Davis
Co L, 415th Infantry

THE LETTERS OF A COMBAT RIFLEMAN is much more than the “letters” mentioned in the title. In addition to writing letters to his wife Jane, which she kept, Davis also draws on a diary he kept during his combat time as he traces the 104th Division from its entry into combat until the end of the war and his meeting of the Russians at the Mulde River.

269 pages, softbound, $18 plus $3.50 shipping & handling

Can be purchased from the author 
9140 Janes Lane, East Greenville, PA 18041

An Infantryman Remembers World War II
By John H. Light
Co G, 414th Infantry

An Infantryman Remembers World War II is an account of World War II as told by a seventy-year-old man and lived by a twenty-year-old boy, John H. Light, and passed on in love to his family. May you find on these pages more than "Grandpa's Story " perhaps some message that will touch your heart. It was for you that we lived through those years.

157 pages, softbound, $11.00 includes shipping and handling  

Can be purchased from the author 
619 Belvedere St, Carlisle, PA 17013

Long Way Home
By Clark E. Harrison, Jr.

An autobiography by a Timberwolf.

Wounded in Stolberg November 17, 1944. Until his death in March of 1989 he was the 2nd oldest paraplegic surviving WWII (we are told).

The wheelchair never slowed him down. He had a career in politics, real estate, banking and of course outdoor sports. He whitewater river canoeing, hot air ballooned, got his scuba certification after 50, and best of all his pilots license after 50 also. He flew solo to California to raise funds for the Shepard Spinal Center in Atlanta of which he was the founding chairman of the board. Later solo to Alaska because he could then lastly he was flying solo to Germany and crash landed (only a cut on his head) in Greenland.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0932298427/104-8003041-1247939   into a movie. It never happened but he did complete another book of fanciful fiction called  Barefoot Pilot .

He completed Barefoot Pilot just a few days before his death in March of 1989. We recently had it published.

The Mortarmen
By Michael Connelly

The Mortarmen is the epic and never before told story of the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion. The men of the 87th landed on Utah Beach on D-Day with their 4.2" mortars and quickly became one of the most sought after fire support units in the European Theater of Operations (ETO). The 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion was frequently attached to support the 104th Infantry Division.

To read excerpts from the book or place an order, the book's website provided by the publisher is Trafford Publishing

The Longest Battle
September 1944 to February 1945
From Aachen to the Roer and Across

By Harry Yeide

On 12 September 1944 an American patrol from the 3rd Armored Division's Task Force Doan entered Germany and reached a point within ten miles of the Roer River. Little did anyone realize that this would prove to be the beginning of America's longest battle. The Longest Battle is the first book-length history of the crucial Roer River campaign. It brings these hard fought battles to life as the author intimately relates the ebb and flow of the combat that ultimately broke the back of the Wehrmacht in the West.

Zenith Press

America's Witness to the Holocaust
By Michael Hirsh

This book will be published by the Bantam division of Random House on February 24, 2010.

German Jews in the Allied Military in World War II
By Steven Karras



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