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Timberwolf Veterans have been greatly honored by a number of plaques and monuments, including the following:

Camp Adair, Oregon: this plaque was presented on 21 May, 1994 and is dedicated to our fallen comrades of the 104th Infantry Division.

Timberwolf Plaque in Adair, OR

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Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado - unveiled 27 May, 2002
(snow covered Pikes Peak in the far distance)
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In October, 1974 the towns and villages of Zundert, Etten-Leur, Oudenbosh, Standdaardbuiten, Klundert, and Zevenbergen, Holland issued a Certificate of Appreciation "to the noble and brave soldiers of the 104th Infantry Division".

Rijsbergen, Holland has on display, in its City Hall, a handsome plaque paying honor to the 104th Infantry Division in memory of the city's liberation on 28 Oct, 1944.

Wooden Plaque Located in Zevenbergen, Holland

Zevenbergen, Holland remembered the 104th Infantry Division with an expertly crafted large wooden plaque depicting the division's Timberwolf insignia. It is displayed in the city's World War II museum. The city street, Allenweg, offers a fitting tribute to Major General Terry de la Mesa Allen, commander of the 104th Infantry Division.

Standdaabuiten, Holland has honored troops of the 104th Infantry Division with a beautiful mosaic and plaque on the outside wall of their civic center. This mosaic consists of a replica of the 104th Infantry Division's Timberwolf insignia plus three prongs representing the liberating thrust into Holland by the three regimental combat teams of the 104th Infantry Division. A prominent city street is named Timberwolfstraat and shows the date of 3 Nov. 1944 in appreciation of the liberation of their city on that date.

St. Petrus Basilica, Holland

Oudenbosch, Holland paid tribute to the 104th Infantry Division with an unusually attractive bronze plaque, mounted on a stone pedestal and located in their War Memorial Park.

Closeup shot of Timberwolf InsigniaOn occasion of the 50th anniversary of it's liberation, the city's magnificent St. Petrus Basilica prominently displayed the 104th Infantry Division's Timberwolf insignia near it's main entrance.

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On 5 May, 2001, the citizens of Zundert, Holland unveiled this monument and dedicated a newly planted tree as lasting expressions of sincere appreciation of their liberation by the 104th Infantry Division.

The six communities of Hoogstraten, Belgium have constructed a monument in memory to the war casualities of their area and have included a bronze memorial to the Allied soldiers who fell during the liberation of the area. Emblems of the four main liberating units, 1st British Corps, British 49th Infantry Division, 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, and 104th Infantry Division, surround the inscription that translates:

For Those Who Fell

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This monument was erected and dedicated on 16 April 2002 in Halle, Germany on the 57th Anniversary of the day that Major General Terry de la Mesa Allen, Commanding General, 104th Infantry Division (US Army), met German Count Felix von Luckner. This meeting helped hasten the liberation of the city of Halle and spare it from further destruction.


Nordhausen, Germany, was the location of the April 9-11, 1995 celebration of the April 11, 1945 liberation of the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp by the U.S. Army's Third Armored Division and 104th Infantry Division.

Netherlands Cross of Liberation



On 6 October, 1982, The Netherlands awarded their Resistance Commemoration Medal to six American divisions (82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Armored Division, 7th Armored Division, 30th Infantry Division, and 104th Infantry Division), in appreciation of their participation in the liberation of The Netherlands in 1944 and 1945. The cross shows the inscription DE TYRANNY VERDRYVEN ("Dispel the Tyranny"). This decoration was awarded to units only, and is not to be worn by individuals.




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Arlington National Cemetery is the location of a dignified bronze plaque mounted on a sturdy granite base, placed In memory of our fallen brothers of the 104th Infantry Division

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