Timberwolf Foreign Medals

Veterans of the 104th Division qualify for medals issued by foreign countries as listed below.

Those who served in Europe with the 104th, for any period of time, qualify for the following:


Croix du Combatant Voluntaire (1939-1945) (Combat Service)

(For service in a combat unit 1 Sept '39 - 8 May '45)

Medaille Commemorative de la Guerre (1939-1945) (Allied Service Medal)

(For Allies who served anywhere outside their Homeland)

Medaille des Services Volontaires dans la France Libre (Cross of Lorraine)

(All US Army units that participated in liberation of the Vosges, Alsace-Lorraine area are eligible)


Those with the division while in France, also qualify for:

Medaille de la France Liberee (Medal of the Liberated France)

(For service in France between 25 June '40 & 8 May '45)

Medaille de Jubile (Normandy Commemorative Medal)

(For service in Normandy 6 June - 15 Sept '44)


Also, 104th veterans may qualify for the following:

Croix du Combatant de la Resistance (if a POW)

Medaille des Blesses (if awarded a US Purple Heart)



All of the 104th earned Belgian medals for liberating their country,
even if they did not serve on Belgian soil.

Medaille Commemorative (1940-1945) (Commemorative Service Medal)

Medaille de la Reconnaissance (Patria Grata 1940-1945) (Gratitude Medal)

Medaille du Volontaire (Volontaris 1940-1945) (Allied Service Medal)


The Royal Yugoslav Commemorative War Cross 1941-1945

For all who served in the military forces of the western allies.


Those with the division in Holland, qualify for:

The Netherlands

Netherlands Cross of Liberation ("The Wilhemina")

For Allies who participated, in country, in the liberation of the Netherlands

Het Verzetsherdenkingskruis (Resistance Commemoration Medal)

Awarded to six US Army divisions, including the 104th, who had a part in the liberation of Holland.

This was awarded to units only & is not to be worn by individuals.


Certain Timberwolves also were awarded individual foreign decorations, these included:


Distinguished Service Order

British Military Cross

British Military Medal

British Distinguished Conduct Medal


Legion d`Honneur- grade of Chevalier

Croix de guerre


Order of Suvorov

Class II (gold)

Class III (silver)

Order of Alexander Nevsky


The "History of the 413th Infantry Regiment" states, "Decorations were awarded to several
staff officers by the Canadians" (No further details were given).

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Wearing of Awards: "The policy has been expanded to permit former soldiers to wear FULL-SIZE or miniature medals on civilian attire on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day."

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