Timberwolf Prisoners of War

    There are few possibilities more dreaded by the combat soldier than that of becoming a POW. However, in certain warfare situations, there remains no practical alternative. Wounded, helplessly overpowered or in other defenseless circumstances, a soldier's life is at the mercy of the enemy and the choices are twofold - death or prison. The inhuman treatment suffered by Timberwolf POWs more than validated the worst possibilities imagined. Faced with starvation diets, sadistic torment, primitive protection from severe elements, with minimal medical treatment coupled with a complete lack of basic hygienic conditions, and the humiliating and degrading indignity of captivity, it was only constant prayer, youthful vigor, and will to live that allowed Timberwolf POWs to survive and look forward to the day of liberation.
     Our nation, by an act of Congress, recognized the suffering of our POWs with the award of the Prisoner of War Medal to all who were "taken prisoner and held captive".

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