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Belgium 1944 Amos Bartz Belgium 386/A FA
First Morning in Combat Robin Kirkpatrick Belgium 414/C
Fish N Chips Jake Baboian England 414/C
The Old Priest and The Bell Mervin Medline France 415/M
The Red Ball Express Jim Williamson France 804th Ord.
Bed Check Charlie Parley Allred Aachen, Germany 415/HQ 3rd Bn
Birgel Stay Bob Waldoch Birgel, Germany 414/HQ 2nd Bn
My Last Battle Melvin T. Medine Bitterfield, Germany 415/M
Cologne - March 1945 Bob Munz Cologne, Germany 414/A
The Ace Hugh Bell Cologne, Germany 415/C
Booby Traps Roy Thomas Cologne, Germany 415/M
AT The Turn of A Ratchet Theodore W. Sery Germany 329/C Eng.
Hank and Buddy Theodore W. Sery Germany 329/C Eng.
Peace on Earth Ragene Farris Germany 329 Med Bn
Me and the ME-262 George Lombardi Germany 387/B FA
The Egg & I Paul Chronister Germany 413/K
A Night Encounter East of Aachen Norman Cooke Germany 413/M
The Rhur Pocket Joseph Frantz Germany 414/HQ
Shifting to The Left, or Right Richard R. Snyder Germany 414/D
Easter Sunday Memories Eiler Ravnholt Germany 414/D
Captured Carl Alette Germany 414 Hq 2nd Bn
Following Orders Edwin W. Hopkins Germany 415/HQ
The Case of An Errant Grenade Ralph Bleier Germany 415/D
The Dragon's Teeth, Nov. '44 Parley E."Pop" Alfred Germany 415/HQ 3rd Bn
My First Prisoner Parley Allred Germany 415/HQ 3rd Bn
Me - A Baker? Nelson Eaton Germany 929/HQ FA
Baptism Without Fire Fred Bell Inden, Germany 414/D
Inde River Operation Albert E. Siklosi Inden, Germany 329/C Eng
Let There Be Light Anonymous Lendersdorf, Germany 414/?
Stalag XII A Peter Branton Limburg, Germany 413/I
Two Memories of Merken Harry Whitlatch Merken, Germany 415/Med
Meeting the Russians, April 1945 Charles Gensler Mulde River, Germany 413/HQ
The Battle of Raguhn William Bracey Mulde River, Germany 414/HQ
Problems in Command Phil Nix Mulde River, Germany 414 Hq 2nd Bn
Grim Day at Nordhausen Leon Karalokian Nordhausen, Germany 104 Sig
Nordhausen Nelson Eaton Nordhausen, Germany 329/HQ FA
Story of a Holocaust Liberator Tillie Zipper Nordhausen, Germany 329/Med
Nordhausen,Germany Ragene Farris Nordhausen, Germany 329/HQ Med
Nordhausen Remembrance Hayden Bower Nordhausen, Germany 413/K
Thanksgiving Day, Nov 23, 1944 Paul Chronister Putzlohn, Germany 413/K
Assault Across the Roer William Ecuyer Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
The Day Palm Trees Grew William Ecuyer Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
Roer River Crossing Anthony Manzella Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
Words Better Left Unspoken (PDF) Ronald E. Coe, MD Roer River, Germany 414/K
Roer River Crossing, Feb.23, '45 John Smith Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
A Night on the Roer, Feb 23, '45 Theodore Sery Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
The Road to Ellen Theodore Sery Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng
Mine Field Mishap Albert Siklosi Roer River, Germany 329/C Eng.
Attack on Morschenich Nile Blood Roer River, Germany 413/A
23 February 1945 Peter Branton Roer River, Germany 413/I
Nighttime River Crossing Lawrence Peterson Roer River, Germany 413/I
Over the River and Up the Hill Hayden Bower Roer River, Germany 413/K
What You See is Not Always - - Paul Chronister Roer River, Germany 413/K
Platoon Sergeant's Last 12 hours Lloyd Holyer Roer River, Germany 413/K
Crossing the Roer River Glen Lytle Roer River, Germany 413/K
The Roer River & ME 262 Jerry Cain Roer River, Germany 413/L
The Drive to the Roer River Jay Jaffee Roer River, Germany 415/A
A War Story Gerald Waterman Roer River, Germany 415/A
Solitary Quest Morris Kaplan Roer River, Germany 415/B
Letter Written by Sgt. J Fink J. Fink Roer River, Germany 415/C
How I Choked A German Soldier Wallis Gray Roer River, Germany 415/D
The Roer River Crossing Joseph T. Capone Roer River, Germany 415/E
Let's Go Back To Schmallenberg E.A. Shaw Schmallenberg, Germany 929/FA HQ
December 13, 1944 Francis A. Felix Schophoven, Germany 414/F
Two Pillboxes Vincent Kamrowski Siegfried Line, Germany 329/C Eng.
Hill 287 "Stolberg" Wes Gaab Stolberg, Germany 414/M
Stolberg,Germany, Nov. '44 Charles Humphries Stolberg, Germany 415/M
The Big Turn Around Milton Bass Thurland, Germany 414/Med
The Cabbage Patch George Lombardi Weisweiler, Germany 387/B FA
The Jinx of the 4th Section George Lombardi Weisweiler, Germany 387/B FA
The Strafing, Nov. 1944 George Lombardi Weisweiler, Germany 387/B FA
Somewhere in Holland Father Doyle Holland 104/HQ
Roadblock in Holland Douglas Miller Holland 329/C Eng
First Night Theodore Sery Holland 329/C Eng.
To Friends Back Home in '45 Dick Williams Holland 387/A FA
One Woman's Bravery Ralph Wheat Holland 413/A
October 1944: Loss of Innocence Bob Nolan Holland 413/I
Holland Memories Edward Jackson Holland 413/K
Holland 1944 Charles Dodd Holland 413/L
The First Day In Combat Robert Wood Holland 414/E
G Co's First Front Line Duty Bob Bilinsky Holland 414/G
The Memories of an Infantryman Duane Robey Holland 415/HQ
Captured Across the Mark George Roxandich Holland 415/B
In No Man's Land - First Night Out Harry Whitlatch Holland 415/Medical
Candy and Prisoners Parley Allred Holland 415/HQ 3rd Bn
First Baptism of Fire Parley Allred Holland 415/HQ 3rd Bn
Rebels and Yankees John Rheney Mark River, Holland 413/G
Four Times Across the Mark River Eugene Traiteler Mark River, Holland 415/A
Mark River Eugene Traiteler Mark River, Holland 415/A
Mark River Crossing George Roxandich Mark River, Holland 415/B
Holland 1944 Harold Zuercher Mark River, Holland 415/B
From Noordhoek to Normandy Glen Lytle Noordhoek, Holland 413/K
War Stories Warren Jershky Miscellaneous 329/A Eng
A Few Words about Memories Carl Livingston Miscellaneous 386/A FA
A 104th Replacement Leonard Vick Miscellaneous 413/I
Nothin in Hell Carl Bergquist Miscellaneous 414/HQ 2nd Bn
A GI's Wife Mildred Goldberg Miscellaneous 414/HQ 2nd Bn

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