Battle Stats:

The Division embarked for the United States on two ships, the S.S. Monterey sailing 26 June and the S.S. Ericsson on 2 July, 1945. We left behind us an official combat record second to none. During the 195 consecutive days of combat the Timberwolves had inflicted upon the enemy over 18,000 casualties, in killed and wounded; captured over 2,000 towns and communities, including the great cities of Cologne, Eschweiler and Halle; had taken 51,724 German prisoners, including four generals; 1,301 officers; 5,397 non-commissioned officers, and 45,022 other soldiers. In clearing over 8,000 square miles of Belgium, Holland, and Germany, the 104th Division had left behind 1,447 comrades, whose supreme sacrifices on the battlefield had contributed so materially to our success. In addition, 4,776 had been wounded and 76 were reported missing in action. We had finished a hard, grim fight and had played a vital role in crushing Naziism in Europe. The tenacity, skill, teamwork and devotion to duty of the hard-hitting infantrymen and all combat, service and administrative personnel characterized our combat operations.

Large quantities of supplies had been consumed during the operations. Our vehicles had used 2,100,000 gallons of gasoline, our signalmen had laid 6,901 miles of telephone wire, and 31,200,000 pounds of ammunition had been expended (15,600 tons).


Type of Ammunition No. Rounds No. Tons
Carbine 1,138,745 20
Cal. .30, Rifle and MG 6,992,270 249
Cal. .45 852,283 21
Cal. .50 697,878 107
37mm Gun 2,717 7
40mm Gun 11,031 40
57mm Gun 7,629 77
60mm Mortar 101,221 289
75mm Gun 14,269 192
76mm Gun 6,067 102
3-inch Gun 25,892 535
81mm Mortar 148,101 1,008
90mm Gun 1,387 40
105mm, M2, Howitzer 281,716 8,448
105mm, M3, Howitzer 52,272 1,557
155mm, M1, Howitzer 51,548 2,578
Mines 28,470 200
Grenades and Rockets 90,047 136
Total No. of Tons 15,600

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